Miss Annie West Cottage

In keeping with tradition, The Old Wood Co. chose The Miss Annie West Cottage for its most recent photo shoot to highlight the rich and diverse history of Asheville. 

Renowned architect Richard Sharp Smith’s trademark style remains behind almost every major building of downtown Asheville, his influence stretching far into many residential structures and churches of surrounding downtown neighborhoods. Formally trained in Manchester, Smith immigrated to the United States in 1882 and immediately continued with his architectural work in earnest. His diligent supervision with railroad design and construction eventually led Smith to the Richard Morris Hunt firm where he began working on George Vanderbilt’s famed Biltmore Estate. While working on the estate, Smith took up residence in Asheville, married…

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…and started a family before launching his own private architectural practice with still plenty of ongoing commissions from Vanderbilt. English influence is strongly present in all of Richard Sharp Smith designs, as seen in the turn-of-the-century construction of the Miss Annie West Co age on East Chestnut Street, just blocks away from downtown Asheville. This house is an example of Smith’s distinct European style with diamond paned windows and gables.

In keeping with years past, The Old Wood Co. chose this location for its most recent photo shoot to highlight the rich and diverse history of Asheville. Current owner, Kathryn Long, has made this architectural jewel home to her thriving business: Ambiance Interiors, and has been up to the demand of keeping such a structure preserved and beautiful. Long, with the help of her team, fully restored the Miss Annie West Co age a„er purchase in 2009, their e†orts gaining substantial recognition therea„er. The Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County granted Long the Griffin Award for her dedication to the restoration. The year following, Long received the Design Excellence award from the Carolinas Chapter of ASID. Visionaries such as Robert Sharp Smith, and structures like those of Miss Annie West add great richness to Western North Carolina. As a region filled with diversity, Sharp’s legacy is a thread of complex historical permanence within a modern, ever changing scape.