Here at the Old Wood Company, certain things are sacred. We value a product’s story, honest materials, and are devoted to bringing the art of intimacy back to entertaining.

With so many distractions of modern living, we strive to create pieces intended to suspend time, may it be for the expanse of an evening, or simply for the time it takes to sip a frothy pint with a friend.

As busy schedules keep us on the go, perhaps it is time to bring back some slower traditions. We had this thought in mind while designing the Heidi Beer Garden Table, created to accommodate robust outdoor gatherings or less numerous crowds with seamless  versatility. Bordered by benches or a few chairs, those seated around its thermo-treated ash surface gain  the advantage of warm proximity. The Heidi’s narrow width brings its  congregation closer, creating the perfect place to catch up and enjoy libations.

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Essential also to commercial applications, the aptly named Heidi Beer Garden Table is the answer to brewery or restaurant seating. Set on rolling casters, it can fit into discreet spaces, while offering those seated around it an opportunity for easy conversation. 

As the ash wood surface gracefully silvers with time, the Heidi Beer Garden Table’s steel frame weathers harmoniously, so you can enjoy this piece for as long as you enjoy the art of sitting and savoring.